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Yeti's Switch Infinity Link: Care and Feeding of

Yeti's Switch Infinity Link: Care and Feeding of

February 02, 2020

Switch Infinity, grease you must.

For the Yeti faithful, keeping your Switch Infinity Link clean and lubricated is key to keeping your bike doing its rear end magic.

Maintaining it is a simple procedure that you can and should do periodically -  a straightforward, DIY shot of Yeti Switch Infinity grease into the link ports with a grease gun. See your Yeti dealer for the correct equipment.

As per Yeti's spec:

Dry Conditions : 75-100 hours

Wet, Muddy, or Frequent washing : 25-50 hours (that would be us in Singapore)

Yeti suggests to not do this procedure too often though- you're safe to do this beyond 20 hours of riding. 

The ports on the imperial numbered models (SB 4.5, 5, 5.5 & 6) are both visible to get to; they are a bit different on the new metric numbered models (SB 100, 130, 140, 150, 165). 

In this handy guide, we show you how.


With a 5mm allen wrench, remove the main pivot collet wedge bolt.


With a 10mm allen wrench, remove the main pivot collet axle. The collet nut on the drive-side can remain in the frame.


Rotate the swingarm upwards to expose the whole Switch Infinity link and both grease zerks. With a clean rag and mild detergent, clean any mud, dust or debris off the link.

4. POKE!

Aim and inject the Switch Inifinty Lubricant with a needle-type grease gun into both zerks/ports till you see some grease come out of the shaft seals - remember all you are doing is topping up the grease, not purging the existing grease out!



Wipe off any excess grease that was pushed out of the seals. Lower the swingarm and re-install your main pivot collet bolt with 12 Nm of torque, and install the main pivot collet wedge bolt with 14 Nm of torque.



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